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Welcome To Haven For African Children

Haven for African Children: - Is a Non-Governmental Non-Profit Organization operating legitimately in Uganda under Registration No. INDR 144502376NB with a Christian foundation and a focus of compassionately caring and creating refuge for homeless children and those living in vulnerable conditions in communities. Established in 2015 as a response from the compassionate heart of our founder Mpimbaza Emilio of hurting children who was then volunteering with save street children Uganda (SASCU) who rescued him from the streets of Kampala after 6 years staying on the streets surviving on food droppings in dust bins due to a family break down and a pull factor of his elderly brother who happens to still stay on the streets.

Haven for African Children that started as an outreach music project later gradually traversed into a well-established Non-Governmental Organization with a mandate and task of empowering homeless and children living in vulnerable conditions to not only survive but thrive by compassionately sharing the love of Christ with the unreached.

Uganda being a country whose population is comprised of 75% youth, of which these are children below 18 years of age that are exposed to a vast range of challenges or problems in the dynamic society right from family to general society conditions. The negative violent conditions compel children to opt for the streets as a resort for freedom and personal peace. This new home gives permissiveness for children to become anything willingly or conditionally due to exposure, for example alcohol, drugs, early sex and prostitution, hooliganism, theft, and general withdrawal character that leads to low esteem.

As a collective effort to bridge the gap, we call upon all philanthropists, Christians and churches to stand and support the vision of Haven for African Children of compassionately caring and sharing the love of Christ with the homeless and vulnerable unreached children in Uganda. As we raise to help all children to survive and thrive.


We strive for a generation of young people that live up to their full potential in Uganda.


We compassionately empower children and young people living in vulnerable conditions not only to survive but thrive.


b) Accountability
c) Participation
d) Volunteerism
e) Community Ownership
f) Transparency
g) Respect for human rights
h) Collective participation

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