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Start a Haven for African Children Fundraising campaign

Head up a group in your High School, College, work place, or community. You commit to raise money and awareness as a team by organizing a few events each year in your local area.

We are always so grateful for people who donate their time to us, as we know this is a precious commodity! You can help us today by organizing your own fundraising event with your church, community, school, university or friends and family. We understand that events are limited due to the lockdowns and the impact of COVID-19, but you could organize a remote challenge, a virtual event, or a birthday fundraiser to raise awareness and donations for our cause. If you’re interested, please do get on

If you would like to organize events regularly, we are always keen for Fundraising Ambassadors to join the team. However way you would like to support us, we are so grateful for your support.

Join hands with us for a better life and beautiful future.