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General Questions

We are more than exited that you are interested in coming alongside us here at Haven to meet the many and varying needs of our children. The child sponsorship program is a way for you to connect with us, helping to meet the needs of the ministry and individual needs of children. This is vital to the success of our mission here in Uganda and you play an essential role in Haven for African Children when you commit to sponsor a child. This information show more about how the sponsorship program works and what the ministry is doing on ground to change lives of children that have desperate physical, emotional and spiritual needs by providing love and hope through Jesus Christ. Jump on into the adventure with us and help us make an impact in the lives of children and communities in Uganda.

Your support will be helping to provide children with a home environment that is enriching, safe, and fun. Your financial support is crucial in helping us meet the large and small needs of our children This includes clothing items, school fees and educational needs (uniforms, backpacks, books and pencils) quality medical care, nutritional food and clean water, housing costs and household needs,

Haven tracks every dollar donated to its mission. We take your faith in God’s work through Haven seriously. We act diligently to use our resources efficiently as possible to ensure that your financial support goes directly to your sponsored child.

Yes, you can choose to sponsor a boy or a girl. However, we would prefer to match you to a child that is in need of a sponsor. We understand that sometimes sponsors bond with a specific child’s story. If you feel a strong attachment to a specific child then please let us know

The children in our sponsorship program are the children that are living at the Haven Children’s Center. The sponsorship program also includes those children that have previously lived at the Haven Center and have now been resettled with their families as part of our family reintegration program

We are notified about orphaned, abandoned, and abused children that are in need of a home. These children are referred to us by the child well fair officers, local social workers, Police and from community government officials. When a child is brought to Haven Center, Many of these children come to us with hurtful pasts. Many having been, abandoned and neglected. They have emotional burdens that have to be overcome. Through the love of Jesus we are able to provide them with a stable and loving home environment as we work to trace and reunite them with their families.

We wish to see the children in our program complete their education through university or vocational training.

If for any reason unable to continue sponsoring your child, please contact us. We will begin to look for another sponsor for your child and ensure they are able to stay in the program and stay in school.

When your child graduates secondary school you will be offered the opportunity your child through university or vocational training. We strive to be a family and want to support our children no matter what age they are. We will continue supporting them into adulthood until they can function in the Ugandan community on their own. We know that every child is different and we do not have an age limit set for stopping our support. We wish to be a true family to these children and act as parents and grandparents even as they grow into adulthood and start their own families.

The option to monthly sponsor 2 or more children through Haven is available. Sponsorship of each child is $35 a month, if you are sponsoring 2 children it would be $70 a month, 3 children would be $105 a month, and so on. You can choose to donate more than the recommended $35/month for your child. It takes more than one sponsor 1 sponsor to support each child. We recommend $35/month because sharing the cost of supporting a child is affordable for most individuals and families.

Because it costs more than $35 a month to provide for everything the children need, we must have multiple sponsors for each of our children. To ensure that they receive the best care possible, your monthly support combined with others is vital to meeting the needs of our children.

On average, you will receive between 2 to 3 letters from your child every year. As you read their letters, see them grow, and watch them succeed, you will realize how great your impact can be. You will receive a yearly update at the end of the year on your child’s progress from our team in Uganda. This report will include new pictures so that you can see how they have growing, how they are doing in school personality and physical development, spiritual life, some fun stories as well as prayer requests and other information regarding your child.

The children treasure letters from their sponsors. I can tell you from experience that your words not only help your child feel valued and important, but they can also help them heal after tragedy. We would love to encourage you to communicate with your child. Hearing from their sponsors is such an encouragement and makes them feel special. The children are very excited whenever a card comes for them and prize their treasured letters and cards. Writing to your child helps you to build a relationship with them. You are able to encourage them, show them they have worth and are valued, and support them as they are growing up. We would love to see lasting and impacting relationships in our sponsorship family! In your letters you can send a photo of you and your immediate family, this helps them know a little about you and will help them write a letter to you. You can also send a scripture for them to memorize, prayers for them, stickers, hand drawn pictures or colorful postcards. These are all items that the children treasure and help build a relationship with their sponsor.

You can write a letter to your child at the following address: Haven for African Children
C/o Emilio and Mariam Mpimbaza
P.O BOX 28852
Kiwebwa, Nakifuma-Naggalama, Mukono, Uganda East Africa.

Sending a letter by Email: We realize you may have a busy schedule, making an email a more convenient choice for writing. You may send an email to your child at we will print off your email and give it to your child. By using email you have the option of typing or handwriting a letter and scanning it to us. You also have the option to attach photos.

Taking on sponsorship of a child for years is a big commitment and your child will greatly appreciate what you are doing for them through sponsorship. Committing to a trip to Uganda can be a big commitment as well. If you would like to come to Uganda to visit your child we would love for you to. Please notify us at least 6 months in advance before you want to come so that we can work with you to make your time with us the best possible.

Join hands with us for a better life and beautiful future.